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Gary Schweitzer, Director of Engineering, EWP
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Weyerhaeuser provides all the wood products and innovative solutions you need to build better homes. Our customers rely on us for our expertise, innovation and experience. From start to finish, we can help you learn, solve problems, and improve your team’s performance and profitability. At Woodworks events, you’ll have a chance to engage with to our experts about new and existing building products. We are committed to growing your business.

Timber-Frame / Post and Beam
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Wood Structural Panels
Products & Services

Weyerhaeuser has over a century of experience manufacturing the highest quality products which are sourced using raw materials certified to the SFI® Fiber Sourcing standard.

Engineered Wood Products

Our Trus Joist® products offer predictable performance and are designed to work together. This means materials can be used more efficiently and still increase the quality of the house.

TJI® Joists
TJI® Joists maintain their dimensional stability thereby limiting floor squeaks.

Parallam® PSL
Parallam® PSL is manufactured in wide width eliminating multiply connection while supporting heavy loads.

TimberStrand® LSL
TimberStrand® utilizes LSL technology creating a diverse range of applications including wall framing, beams, rim board, and various industrial applications.

Microllam® LVL
Microllam® LVL is a versatile solution for beam and header conditions.

Weyerhaeuser’s precision manufacturing, process control and mill direct supply give you consistent, reliable lumber, delivered when you need it, where you want it. Ask us about Framer Series Lumber for the ultimate in straight, knot-free wall and floor framing material. Lumber that stays so straight it comes with a warranty.

Weyerhaeuser offers a wide array of oriented strand board (OSB) products for your jobsite. Consumers can choose what performance standard they need to ensure consistent building quality. Our OSB menu offers a wide variety of thickness and dimensional stability options. Choose from Weyerhaeuser Edge™, Edge Gold™ or Diamond™ for all your flooring needs.