Vaagen Timbers

1101 North Highway
Colville, Washington 99114
Sales Contact
Russ Vaagen

Founder & CEO

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Spencer Bishop

Directory of Sales and Business Development

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Tom Baun


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Teresa Elizabeth


Main Profile

Wood is in our DNA. Russ Vaagen, our founder and CEO, comes from a multi-generational forest products manufacturing family business founded in 1952. In partnership with adjacent Vaagen Bros Lumber, Vaagen Timbers sources and monitors the quality of the inbound material to create beautiful sustainable products. As a by-product of forest thinning activities completed to reduce wildfire spread, Vaagen Timbers creates the most eco-friendly materials you can build with.

Vaagen Timbers utilizes cutting-edge technology to deliver precision fabricated mass timber projects to clients. Our Kallesoe Press produces top quality products that are clean, durable & technologically advanced. Our Uniteam CNC cuts to precise standards in preparation for final finishing and hardware assembly. Combining Cross Laminated Timber, Glulam Beams, and Glue Laminated Timber panel production with the entire kit of parts, we provide everything from simple beam billets to turnkey projects.

When you work with Vaagen Timbers, you’ll meet a team committed to exceeding your expectations. Together, let’s get it built!

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Materials Supplied
Mass Timber
Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT)
Timber-Frame / Post and Beam
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Products & Services

Cross Laminated Timber
Cross Laminated Timber is large-scale, prefabricated wood panels. We produce CLT up to 60′ long & 4′ wide in a variety of thicknesses, grades and species. Our products are PRG 320 Certified and we are working to add more certified products to the mix.

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Glue Laminated Timber Panels
GLT functions as a floor system with a series of individual structural boards spanning in one direction. The bond between boards holds the panel together in width, moisture mitigation and dimensional stability over non-laminated products. GLT is produced as 4′ Glulam billets rotated onto the side.

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Glulam Beams & Columns
Glue Laminated Beams & Columns are a beautiful way to utilize smaller diameter trees. Glulam beams are manufactured by gluing together a series of boards (laminations). Glulam beams & columns are generally much stronger than equivalent solid sawn timbers of the same size as the layups support the intended usage with the strongest laminations are in areas of highest stress.

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