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Our mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of mass timber construction by providing comprehensive engineering, procurement, and construction services in the United States commercial construction markets. VSC/SFI/PEFC accredited.

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Building Systems Integration
Our Experience as a builder allows us to harness the complimentary benefits of a mass timber structure to the other building systems, driving a cost-competitive design and successful delivery of the whole building. We add value to project teams through proactive problem-solving with consideration n]for how the structure integrates with the foundation, envelope, MEP service, and drywall. It is at all the interface between materials and systems that we find cost-savings opportunities.

Strategic Procurement
We develop and manage large, complex general construction schedules, and have deep understand of how the delivery of the structure weaves into the over all procurement and construction timeline. WE have a deep understanding of the mass timber supply chain, with relationships regionally and internationally. We coordinate the best value to meet the unique needs of each project.

Virtual Design and Construction Coordination
Our in-house VD&C group details all of the steel hardware, glulam, and CLT we procure. We procure commodity glulam billets from quality manufacturers and preform our own fabrication based on in-house detailing. We provide in-house shop drawing to fabricators for every steel widget we procure, eliminating uncertainty and affording us the most competitive pricing. Prefabrication on the timber structure plays an essential role in reducing the amount of field installation for mechanical and electrical scopes.