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Main Profile

SmartLam North America strives to be the industry leader for cross-laminated timber and engineered mass timber solutions. Through innovation and continuous improvement, SmartLam develops and manufactures sustainable products and services that enhance and support the global community and the environment. Adapting solution driven results, quality measures, proven processes and budgetary controls, SmartLam creates value and respect in its products and services resulting in unparalleled customer satisfaction.

As a highly respected mass timber manufacturer, SmartLam is widely recognized for its goodwill through investment in our communities and our people. We are proud of the fact that we procure all our lumber from sawmills practicing certified sustainable forestry practices, we have Environmental Product Declarations for both plants. Wood is the only structural building material with third-party certification programs to verify that products originate from a sustainably managed resource. Sustainable forest certification allows forest product companies to demonstrate the effectiveness of their practices by having them independently assessed against a stringent standard that considers environmental, economic and social values. As of August 2013, more than 500 million acres of forest in Canada and the U.S. were certified under one of the four internationally recognized programs used in North America: Sustainable Forestry Initiative® , Forest Stewardship Council®, American Tree Farm System and Canadian Standards Association’s Sustainable Forest Management Standard. This enables builders, as well as manufacturers, fabricators, distributors and retailers to verify their products are sourced responsibly and produced to sustainable standards.

Two locations:
1371 Hodgesville Road, Dothan, AL 36301
610 3rd Street West, Columbia Falls, MT 59912

Materials Supplied
Mass Timber
Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT)
Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT)
Timber-Frame / Post and Beam
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Products & Services

Floor Systems
SmartLam CLT provides an excellent solution for structural floor systems. CLT’s solid wood construction boasts a high strength to weight ratio, resulting in a superior structural floor system under both compressive and tension stress and extreme static load-carrying capacity.

Our CLT panels are meticulously manufactured to provide excellent strength, stiffness, vibration, and spanning properties. Precision prefabrication of long and wide floor panels allows for quick and simple on-site installation. Laboratory tested to achieve a 2-hour fire rating along with our engineered topping solution to achieve STC ratings from 50 to 60, SmartLam CLT is the perfect construction material for structural floor systems.

Our glulam is manufactured for high-strength beam, header and column applications. Available in multiple stress grades, sizes and appearance classifications, SmartLam glulam is APA certified for use in building construction. Products bearing the APA trademark stamp signify conformance with ANSI A190.1, American National Standard for Structural Glued Laminated Timber and have undergone rigorous quality control testing to ensure code requirements have been met. All glulam products are currently manufactured using locally sourced Southern Pine.

Roof Systems
SmartLam CLT structural roof systems allow architects, engineers, and contractors to create buildings with long, open, and attractive expanses that stretch the limits of building design. A unique advantage of CLT is its essential ability to create a warm and welcoming interior space that cannot be realized using any other material. CLT is made entirely from wood; warm, attractive, & natural. Wood is the only renewable building material and provides for a healthy indoor and outdoor environment.

CLT roof panels are considerably lighter and thinner than similarly performing concrete and steel alternatives. Cantilevers, projections, dramatic overhangs and more are all possible with naturally robust and resilient CLT. Additionally, CLT roof panels offer a seamless platform to create high performance thermal and acoustical systems. Combine all of this with safe, simple, and speedy installation, CLT is the perfect structural roof system.

Wall Systems
SmartLam’s digitally designed and fabricated CLT wall panels minimize construction time and labor yet maximize precision, accuracy, and durability. The simplicity and accuracy make the use of CLT wall components a cost effective and time saving building material, while virtually eliminating construction errors.

Our CLT panels arrive on site with pre-cut openings for doors, windows, mechanical apertures, panel to panel profiles as well as rake and plumb cuts as designed. This tightly fitted wall systems can then be insulated to provide the highest level of energy-efficiency.

Superior load-carrying characteristics, including lateral stability against wind and seismic forces, a laboratory tested 2-hour fire rating, and engineered acoustic performance systems, make SmartLam CLT the smart choice for any type of structure.