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Boise, Idaho 83706
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Jason Weber

VP, Sales & Marketing

Main Profile

With over 50 years of experience with Engineered Wood Products, RedBuilt has been the industry leader in customized, innovative wood building solutions for commercial and industrial construction. Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, RedBuilt operates four manufacturing plants, five design centers, and a country-wide technical sales team who locally represent your community. Built on safety, customers, careers, community and the structures we shape, RedBuilt continues to lead the industry as the premier supplier of commercial-grade structural solutions, including Cross Laminated Timber (CLT).

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Materials Supplied
Glue-Laminated Timber (GLT)
Timber-Frame / Post and Beam
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Structural Composite Lumber (e.g. LSL, LVL, and PSL)
Products & Services

CLT – Cross Laminated Timber
CLT’s solid wood construction boasts a high strength to weight ratio, resulting in a superior structural floor, roof, and or wall system.

Glulam Beams
Glulam provides a distinct combination of strength, flexibility, and quality that makes them the natural selection for use in commercial construction. As a stress-rated engineered wood beam, Glulam Beams are composed of wood lams, bonded using powerful, moisture-resistant adhesives.

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Developed to provide strength and consistency, Red-I joists have become an integral part of floor, ceiling, and roof framing.

Built with dimensional stability, Red-I joists resist warping, twisting, and shrinking that can lead to squeaky floors.

Highly customizable, these strong and lightweight engineered I-joists include a wide range of sizes and depths in lengths up to 80 feet, providing extraordinary design freedom. Plus, they’re faster and easier to install than traditional framing, so you save on labor.

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LVL Beams
RedLam LVL beams are crafted for versatility and value — quick to install, adaptable throughout the structure, resistant to warping, splitting and shrinking. They’re made to stand the test of time and reduce waste along the way, first in our manufacturing facility and later on your job site. They’re stable, sustainable, and capable wherever installed.

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Open-Web Trusses
In the late 1950’s, RedBuilt’s founders invented an innovative composite steel and engineered wood open-web truss. Since then, this design solution for architects and engineers has evolved to support large floor areas and large roof spaces of up to and over 100-feet wide.

Every open-web truss is custom manufactured to the precise specifications of the individual project and designed to support the loads. A local technical sales representative is assigned to your project to help align product solutions with working drawings. That contact also assists with system design analysis, budget pricing, building system integration, detailed specification writing and architectural design configurations.

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Wall Panel
Our commercial-grade prefabricated walls are built in a specialized manufacturing environment, which means the selection of raw materials and assembly process is controlled to give you a higher-quality end product.

Advanced design and made-to-order customization makes installation time faster, easier and more accurate. Simplified installation translates to reduced labor and jobsite waste. Plus, our prefabricated wall panels can be optimized to reduce the amount of board footage used, and our tall walls can be customized for any commercial application.

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