LP Building Solutions

Main Profile

Engineered to Withstand the Test of Time- Since pioneering our first engineered wood panel more than 40 years ago, LP Building Solutions continues to revolutionize features that change the industry, while developing new innovations that combine strength, durability and quality. LP is a leading manufacturer of engineered wood building solutions covering products from subfloor up to the roofline. Our products, like award winning Smartside siding, are not just beautiful and durable but made from a renewable resource.

Materials Supplied
Timber-Frame / Post and Beam
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Wood Structural Panels
Products & Services

LP Flameblock-Fire-rated OSB
LP Legacy-Premium subfloor
LP LongLength OSB Sheathing
LP SmartSide
LP Smartside and Trim
LP SolidStart-LSL’s, LVL’s, I-joists and Rim Boards
LP Structural Solutions
LP TechShield- Radiant barrier roof sheathing
LP WeatherLogic rain Screen
LP WeatherLogic-WRB panel