1860 Renaissance Blvd
Sturtevant, WI 53177
Main Profile

Eurotec is engaged in the development, production and sale of products for the construction sector. To this end, the company supplies products for the areas of timber-frame construction, deck construction and concrete fastening.

Materials Supplied
Mass Timber
Hybrid (wood with steel or concrete)
Products & Services

View the catalogue for “Fastening for Construction for CLT.”
View the catalogue for “Seismic Performance Eurotec Wood Construction Screws.”
View the catalogue for “Impact Wrenches Approval for Wood Screws.”

Fastening: fully threaded / part threaded, cylinder head, countersunk, washer head and flat head  screws up to 5′ in length.

Connectors, tension straps, shearing plates, hidden connectors, and customized connectors/brackets.

Sound insulation for timber structures.

Lifting anchors wood elements.

Installations tools. Bits, beam grips, and wall support.